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D-don't make fun of me for any of this!

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Um... my name's Nancy and I like yanderes and other characters with... issues, I guess. I keep getting picked on over it, and it gets me really angry sometimes... I'm not very nice when I'm angry...

[NOT A REAL JOURNAL - sockpuppet for the War Comms!]

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anime, being a daddy's girl, being a moeblob, being a yandere, being nervous, being overdefensive, being short, being shy, being unstable, crazy characters, glasses, having a violent streak, having sore nerves, knives, legitimate triggers, manga, mentally unstable characters, missing my brother, missing my mama, not being inside cars, not my stepmother, not my stepsister, not school bullies, not victim-blaming, papa, protecting heather, scissors, snapping, stuttering, video games, yanderes
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